Antenatal & Postnatal care

Antenatal and postnatal care is provided by the doctors and our community midwives according to local and national policy.

The Practice does not provide a home birth service but you can discuss this with the midwife.

Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy you will be advised to have the injectable flu vaccine.

Maternity services within the South West London area is currently in a state of change. A link is provided here to explain the new mode of referral and the service in general. This section will be updated shortly.

South West London Maternity Services Booklet (PDF)

There are a choice of providers available. The link to Croydon University Hospital Maternity services is provided below. Once you aware that you are pregnant please self-refer online or over the phone:

Croydon University Hospital Maternity Services

St Helier Hospital Antenatal Care Services

Princess Royal University Hospital Antenatal Care Services


The Midwife

Your midwife has done between 3 – 5 years of training in order to qualify, and has a wealth of experience in dealing with normal healthy women in pregnancy and childbirth.  She/he is the person with whom you should consult, and should she/he feel that you need the intervention of a doctor, she/he will refer you to him for advice.

She/he is responsible for providing all your antenatal care needs, assessing you when you go into labour, delivering your baby and caring for you afterwards.  She will also provide you with the education that you may need, to help you through the birth and afterwards.  Unless problems develop, there should be no need for you to receive care from a doctor, as birth is a natural occurrence, and for most women, will progress normally to a normal delivery.

Maternity Services at Croydon University Hospital