Mental Health


Information about Croydon Mental Health Services can be found on the following sites:


Useful numbers:


Crisis  24 hour Helpline

   0800 731 2864

Crisis Response Team

0800 731 2864

Westways (West Croydon)

0203 228 5800

Tamworth Road (CMHT) Adults
(Central and North Croydon)

0203 228 0301/0302

Purley Resource Centre (South Croydon)

0203 228 5400

Crescent Resource Centre, New Addington

0203 228 4488

Gresham 1 ward Bethlem

0203 228 6000

Gresham 2 ward Bethlem

0203 228 6000

Child & Adolescent (CMHT)

0203 228 0000

Crosfield House, Mint Walk, Croydon, CR9 3JS (Drugs and Alcohol)

0208 276 5700

Croydon Mental Health Services

Croydon is one of the most populous London boroughs, with a population of over 330,000. It has a diverse community with 24% from minority ethnic groups. The borough's Adult Mental Health Services are fully integrated.

The Croydon Adult Mental Health Service provides a range of services to meet the health and social care needs of residents requiring specialist mental health care and to provide support for their carers. These services are divided into three main operational groups, each with their own Service Manager.  

In-patient Services provide three acute admission wards and the psychiatric intensive care unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, the Westways Rehabilitation Unit and Heavers Resource Centre.

Community Services provide eight sector Community Mental Health Teams.

Borough Wide Services run specialist community teams which operate across the whole Borough.

Location of Services
Croydon Directorate Headquarters: Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR9 2BY

Tel: 0870 6067766  
Community Services are based at Tamworth Road Resource Centre, Westways Resource Centre, Purley Resource Centre, Crescent Resource Centre.  
Borough Wide Services are based at Tamworth Road Resource Centre with services operating across the borough.