Mission Statement

We believe that the Mission Statement should be and will be more than just words, and that it will form the foundation for the Practice’s identity, objectives and values.

Our statement, therefore, is as follows:

‘Friends Road….

               General Practice at its Best’


The Philosophy of the Practice

In support of our Mission Statement, the Practice has identified and developed its philosophy for ensuring that we are able to achieve our mission. We are a friendly team who offer care and support for individuals and the whole family. Confidentiality is paramount and we will ensure that all staff are appropriately trained and qualified.  We will respect and value our patients and will treat all fairly and with kindness.

The aim of the Practice is to help our patients to achieve better health and wellbeing. We will work within the framework of NHS Primary Care Services to ensure that we provide professional medical, nursing and other health care related services which meet the needs of the patients we serve. 

In order to achieve our mission, we believe that the Practice must and will fully apply the following philosophy:

  • To ensure that our patients are cared for within a friendly environment by professional, competent, motivated and compassionate staff.
  • Within the limited funds available, make the most efficient use of the resources involving the patients in the decision making process.
  • To value our staff and create a working environment in a manner that will enable all members of the Primary Health Care Team to develop to their full potential. We will adapt to the changing environment and will continue to be a learning and reflective organisation.
  • In all aspects of Practice activities, the Practice will nurture an environment which is forward thinking, educational and at the forefront of Primary Care research.
  • Above all, the patient comes first.